Hotel and Club Associates provides valuation and consulting services for hotel and club properties involved in legal disputes. Our services include expert testimony when required.

Rent Loss Studies

We have provided rent loss studies for hotel properties that have required invasive construction defect remediation. In one case, it was determined by qualified engineers that the exterior EIFS and flashing had not been properly installed. Hotel and Club Associates provided a study to estimate the income loss resulting from the remediation project.

Eminent Domain

When state and local condemning authorities acquire properties for highway or other projects, property owners are entitled to “just compensation” for property acquired and damages to the remainder. David Pope has several years of specialized/concentrated experience in Eminent Domain cases for many types of real estate including golf and hotel properties.

Diminution in Value Studies

There are situations where property values are impacted from factors such as partial takings in eminent domain cases, loss of franchise affiliations, adverse influences from surrounding properties, stigmas from major crimes/events, etc.

Estate Tax Filings

We work with attorneys and accounting professionals in establishing value basis for transfers of ownership.


Valuation and expert testimony in bankruptcy proceedings.